Best Toys for Kids in 2013: Furby

Posted July 9, 2013 by admin in LIFESTYLE

Making a comeback, the popular and revitalized Furby is a fun choice for a child of any gender. Furbies talk, learn, and can be fed, both by finger or by a new online app. Furbies come in many colors and textures. This, along with their ability to learn, makes each Furby unique and the perfect toy for your child.

FURBY has A MIND OF ITS OWN. You see, FURBY has likes and dislikes just like you. You will discover them as you and FURBY get to know one another. FURBY may not react or behave the way you expect or the way you want, so you may be happy about some of its reactions and not so happy about others!

There is something you should know about FURBY. FURBY can be unpredictable. Be careful how you treat FURBY. Who your FURBY becomes may surprise you. So, are you ready to handle a FURBY?